Fabrication delights

We create mesmerizing events, festival stages, exhibitions, event layouts and bespoke props and signage with our stage-of-the-art fabrication service.  Expert at what we do, we combine the styles and trends of the current market with ideas and designs uniquely created by our fabrication team.

With a reputation for producing only the best when it comes to fabricated set designs, events and even huge scale arenas, your will find our conceptions brave, bold and adventurous. Never short of ideas, we dive into our extensive well of experience and knowledge, meaning that our team is always bursting with ideas and raring to go, ready to turn them into real-life experiences that will thrill attendees.  No event is too complex or large for us; we are used to designing and fabricating sets and stages for all types of immersive events, brand exhibitions, retail units, theme parks and even TV and theatre.

Getting to know you

Whatever type of fabrication project we are working on, we always begin with getting to know exactly what your event is about, no matter whether it is a domestic or commercial venture.  Understanding and developing this core insight is at the heart of all that we do.   Our studio team are able to make use of 3D modelling techniques in order to provide you with an accurate representation of what the finished product will look like, along with detailed design plans and even visually indicative walk-throughs.

By working with some of the biggest and boldest ideas, we continually push forward to innovate and pioneer.  You can give us your idea and we will go with it or alternatively our team can allow their imagination to run free, turning your concept into reality. We have been designing, building and installing fabricated events for many years with our in-house team possessing all of the necessary skills to complete and build them including carpentry, metal work, set painting and even sculpture creation.  Our teams are incredibly talented, passionate and knowledgeable and have access to our expensive workshops in order to create the perfect finished result.

For the best fabrication event services within the UAE, contact the team at Flying Elephant now.  You will find us helpful, professional and incredibly creative.