Get all eyes on you

All companies are in the business of attracting more customers and with so many people vying for the same top spot, you need to do something different.  Flying Elephant are expert when it comes to taking advantage of numerous marketing opportunities throughout the year in order to showcase your premises, products and services.  Whether you want to do something to promote during one of the many holiday periods or flaunt a new promotion, we know just what to do to make shoppers stop in their tracks.

Whether you are looking for subtle advertising of stock or require us to develop a major theme for a large marketing production, we have the team to do it.  Innovative, talented and massively enthusiastic, we take the time to know you and your company so that we can represent your offerings in a sophisticated and studied way.

A skilled in-house team

Regularly working with a mix of commercial clients throughout the UAE and the Middle East, everything marketing related falls within our remit, from mall decoration and window displays through to specifically organized presentations and arrays.  With an in-house team of creative designers and skilled craftsmen, nothing is too much for us to undertake; even the most elaborate of themes and ambitious mall decoration projects will be attended to with pride and satisfaction.

Here are just a few of the services that we offer; perfect for companies that do not have in-house fabrication facilities and end users:

Mall Decoration


Delight your visitors with attractive mall decoration.

Our team of creative designers and skilled craftsmen enable us to undertake in-house production of even the most elaborate themes and ambitious mall decoration projects. This ensures that we are able to consistently provide the highest quality craftsmanship while delivering projects in a timely manner.

Window Display


Make people stop and stare at your beautiful window display.

When performed correctly, decorating a shop window is an art form, with the best examples eagerly anticipated at the start of each season, attracting crowds of onlookers for their unveiling.

Event Decoration


We cater for every type of event, conjuring up thrilling atmospheres and magical venues using handmade props, furniture and accessories. Below is our gallery of recent Event Decoration

Theme Production


Mesmerise your audience with our themed productions.

Our themed productions bring all the excitement of the stage to your venue, with none of the usual drama associated with putting on a production.

Every one of our commercial displays is an art form in its own right and no two are ever the same. Attract the crowds as well as a plethora of new customers with riveting presentations and exhibits.

Talk to the team at Flying Elephant today and get your commercial sales and marketing events off to a soaring start.