Team Building

Enhance your performance with our innovative team-building activities.

At Flying Elephant Events, we understand the importance of building a strong organizational structure within your organization with a foundation of strong team members.

Our team-building programs aim to strengthen the bonds between your employees in a refreshingly enjoyable and productive manner that leaves a long-lasting impression.


Team building leads to:

  • Improved communication between team members
  • Increased department productivity and creativity
  • Team members motivated to achieve goals
  • A climate of cooperation and collaborative problem-solving
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment
  • Higher levels of trust and support
  • Diverse co-workers working well together
  • Clear work objectives
  • Better operating policies and procedures

Group Drumming

Below is our gallery of recent Team Building Days / Drumming

Drumming Circle

Group drumming has proven to be one of our most popular team-building activities. Drumming programs generate employee enthusiasm and provide participants with a memorable team bonding experience. Appealing to a broad spectrum of employees, it combines the perfect blend of creativity, fun and teamwork.

Specific programs can be designed for:

  • Team Creativity
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Skills

Pit Stop

Race Car tests the communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness of your team whilst constructing the
Ultimate model kit – an almost full scale racing car!

Using your time effectively is paramount for you and all the other equally determined teams. Working from detailed construction plans, each Race car team has to rally their collective skills to turn a “flat pack” kit of materials into the ultimate driving machine at the same time, create “human horsepower” aiming for perfect synchronization.


Your company in sand. Watch as a replica of your company’s logo or symbol is built before your eyes.

We can make sandcastles in the shape of any logo or building, car or object.

It can be displayed for a day or for the whole duration of the event if it’s longer.

Then teams are then shown techniques of making sand sculptures and invited to make their own sand castles.


Strength – Patience – Courage

An exciting competition based upon the theme of the well-known television series.

The venue will be a stimulating environment, incorporating various challenges integrated with fun at the beach.

The tribes compete against each other on a number of different activities.

Scores will be recorded in each challenge stations and will be tabulated to award the winner at the end

of the competition.

Pre-scheduled challenge order will be given to teams before the competition starts.


A competitive game between teams. The match is composed of several games. For every game, the players would either use props or costumes or both. The costumes are elaborate and designed to increase the competition between teams by making movement more challenging. Games are played against the clock, relay or as race.



Let the games begin…

Beach Olympics takes on a new form of fun with Flying Elephant Events Style. Lighthearted activities in a beach setting serve to break down barriers inherent in the workplace, fostering healthier relationships in a fun environment. Activities are designed to enhance effective teamwork and create bonds that last long after the games and laughter are over.

The activities provided simulate problem-solving, trust, cooperation, mutual support, commitment, open and effective communication and accountability.

All activities are geared towards reinforcing a winning attitude towards a common goal, with non-stop laughter throughout!